Sabin Howard’s Anatomy for Artists:
Anatomical Structure and the Dynamics of Movement

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Sabin Howard’s Anatomy for Artists:
Anatomical Structure and the Dynamics of Movement

This class is organized into 5 lessons. It will share the underlying organizational lessons of Anatomy and Design from the old masters with artists committed to mastering the human figure in movement. The structure and dynamics of movement takes the formidable task of how to organize the complexity of the human body as a construction from the skeleton up and begins the series on how the human body is put together and how to bring life force energy to your work.

This class will give you the ability to create figures with great detail as well as dynamic movement. 

These lessons will build the framework and foundation that every figurative artist needs to know. 

You will learn how to analyze the model’s gesture and movement to bring great dynamism and force to the figure.

This artistic anatomy class is not found in any anatomy book. The underlying secrets to creating powerful art will become part of your creative vocabulary and inspire your artistic process.
These principles of how the body moves through space are the result of 30 years of studio practice with over 50,000 hours of working from life models. This specific class was also taught for 15 years at the best graduate figurative schools in the country. 

If as an artist, you are intent on mastering the human figure, this 5 week intensive is a fantastic resource and you owe it to yourself to attend. The knowledge from this class will change how you see the figure and ultimately increase your ability and creativity as an artist.  Great art lies in its translation from the real world into the art world. I am excited to share with you this information.

$250.00 for 5 week class
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Sabin Howard Sculpture
Sabin Howard sculptures are classical figures that feel thoroughly modern while recalling the mastery of the Renaissance and ancient Greece.