Sabin Howard’s Anatomy for Artists:

Master Artist Sabin Howard is establishing a professional training system comprised of live workshops and webinars. Workshops will be held in various locations. Workshops and webinars will work synergistically and enhance each other.

The workshop is a class taught for fifteen years at the best graduate figurative schools in the country, and is not found in any anatomy book.

These principles of how the body moves through space are the result of 30 years of studio practice with over 50,000 hours of working from life models.

The underlying secrets to creating powerful art will become part of your creative vocabulary and inspire your artistic process in a structure from the renaissance being re-established in contemporary terms.

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Sabin Howard’s Anatomy for Artists:
Drawing Workshop: Structure of the Figure, Part 1

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This live class is a professional training master class for the visual artist. It will share the underlying organizational lessons of anatomy and structural construction of the figure for artists committed to mastering the human body with dynamic anatomical movement found in the standing reference figure.

This is the introduction and foundation to a monthly workshop system that will build incrementally on itself.

Structure of the Figure takes the formidable task of how to organize the complexity of the figure as a construction from the skeleton up; it begins the series with a strong emphasis on how to re-create the vitality and life force energy found in the torso. 

These principles of how the core of the body is structurally assembled, and how it moves through space, are the result of 30 years of Studio practice with over 50,000 hours of working from life models. This specific class was taught for 15 years at the best figurative schools in the country.

This class will give you the ability to re-create the energy and dynamic force found in the figure in a systemized detailed and structural fashion.

If, as an artist, you are intent on mastering the human figure, you will benefit from the tremendous information contained within this figure intensive workshop. What you learn from this class will change how you see the figure. Ultimately, it will increase your ability and creativity as an artist. Great art lies in its translation from the real world into the art world. It is with great excitement that I bring this information to you so that you can proceed with new artistic inspiration in your figure studies! 

$275.00 for 1 day class

DATE: February 21, 2016
TIME: 9 am to 4 pm, 1 hr for lunch, please bring bag lunch
LOCATION: Philadelphia Sketch Club, 235 S Camac St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

NOTE: All registrants will be invited to a private studio visit in Sabin Howard’s studio on February 28, 2016 at 1 pm.

COST: $275

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Sabin Howard sculptures are classical figures that feel thoroughly modern while recalling the mastery of the Renaissance and ancient Greece.
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